Brands and companies use Google Forms templates to collect information for many reasons like feedback from customers survey, job applications as well as to monitor expenses, event registration invitations to parties, and evaluation forms. Form templates can save time since you don't have to create a new template. Google Forms templates enable users to add or remove sections and edit them easily.

The 10 Best Google Forms Registration Templates

Here are The 10 Best google registration forms online.

  1. Contact Forms

Contact forms is the basic, commonly used method to gather contact information from web users. Forms for a contact using Google's form template are easy. The user-friendly interface allows people to drop and drag elements from the form. Form elements can also be arranged so that they appear in relation to the events or actions. Because Google Forms are integrated with Google Sheets and spreadsheets, having information in spreadsheets can make it easier to study. You can make google forms registration template​ download.

  1. Event Feedback Survey

Following an event, it's crucial to find out how happy the attendees were. This can be used to suggest improvements to future events.

Google provides questions and invites the users to rate them for example:

  • The satisfaction with the event
  • Important takeaways and lessons learned from the conference
  • Relevance and effectiveness in your work

The form's elements including the header can be customized. Monitor responses on the form and then send them to a spreadsheet within Google Sheets.

  1. Customer Feedback

If you wish for your business to grow, it's important to keep your customers satisfied and content. Feedback forms from customers provide businesses with the necessary information to ensure that they provide excellent customer service. Create a list with specific questions that your customers can ask you. These can provide honest feedback, and avoid vague responses.

Responding to reasonable suggestions and queries is essential to meet the requirements and requirements of customers, and also to attract new ones.

  1. Time Off Request

One of the advantages of making use of Google Forms for time off requests is the possibility to make a spreadsheet out of the forms that are submitted. You can easily track requests made by employees on the spreadsheet, ensuring that you have coverage whenever required. Include the reason behind the request in order to monitor the time off you take, for example, personal or sickness as well as bereavement. This template of google registration form create is easy.

  1. Party Invitations

If you're planning an event for your family or business event, you can make use of this Google Party Invitation template to create a questionnaire. Apart from asking questions that are obvious like name and how many guests will be there, Google suggests asking what people will bring to the event and whether they have any food restrictions.

  1. Event Registration

Begin by going to Google Forms and clicking on the Event Registration template. A few of the questions on Google Form's Google Form template may be suitable for your event, but others may not. To modify the item, simply click it to increase your choices. If you wish to alter the question, just click the suggested text, then edit it to be appropriate. When you click the name of a field, you can view the suggested answer automatically generated from Google. In the bottom of every box, you can duplicate, erase, make the question mandatory or optional and add a description or include a set of requirements for validation of responses. Make sure you complete the configurations to ensure that you get submissions.

  1. Order Forms

Companies use order forms when they purchase products or services from outside suppliers to ensure that they receive what they have ordered.

Some of the questions suggested from Google are:

  • Are you a brand new or an existing customer?
  • Contact details
  • Enter the product's number for the item you'd like to purchase.
  • Options for products like colour size, colour, and quantity

Make use of Google Forms' Templates editor to create a custom purchase form for your business.

  1. Job Application

Employing a template to fill out job applications makes it simpler for employers to evaluate candidates. Edit and personalize the questions to fit the specifications of the job open. If you use the identical template for each application, it's much easier to evaluate the qualifications and experience of each candidate.

  1. Work Request

Templates for Work Requests are used by niche service firms like Heating/AC, Plumbing, and Pests.

Alongside contact details Other questions to ask are:

  • Priority
  • More details
  • Due date

The form can be modified and modified for any business that offers either products or services.

  1. Course Evaluation

Similar to the feedback from customers and events form, schools also use course evaluations to determine whether the course content is of high quality. curriculum along with the instructors.


This is particularly helpful in keeping track of events registrations and managing customer relations lists. In addition, Google offers basic conditional logic as a function. Respondents can skip sections of the form according to the responses they pick. You should search for the google forms registration template​ app and how to make a google registration form.

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