You probably log in at many different sites in just one day. The passwords for each of these sites should be different to ensure your online security. Unfortunately, cybercrime is very widespread, and you should protect yourself against it. Read some tips on how to choose a strong password.

You probably already know that it’s important to have different and unique passwords for all your online accounts. But how do you find the good passwords that are hard to hack? Read more about strong passwords and how to choose a good one right here.

There are a bunch of different things you can choose to do when choosing a strong password. A strong password can look a thousand different ways so you can just get super creative. If you don’t want to choose the password yourself, you can find a strong, auto-generated password at This is a great way to ensure that the password you choose is a very strong one. 

The good password

The most important thing is to use different techniques when choosing your many passwords. The more varied and unique they are, the better. Choose always a mix of numbers and alphabetical characters. A good password is always random. So, if you’re allowed to use symbols as well that is only a plus.

Many take a random phrase or word and spell it differently using both letters and numbers. To choose something that you know but spelled differently is a good way to make sure that you can remember your many different passwords. Choose something that has nothing to do with you, your interests, or your relations.

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Thing to avoid

There is actually a long list of things to avoid when choosing a strong password. You should avoid using any words that are in the dictionary. Of course, you also should avoid any words with personal relations (such as phone numbers, names, pets, birthdays, etc.).

You should always avoid making passwords that are less than eight characters long. The reason that you need to avoid all these things is because hackers can easily find your passwords if they are made from words from the dictionary or personal words. They have a hacking program that can try all possible passwords. The more complicated your password is, the more possibilities there will be, and therefore it will be harder to hack your password. You can also check out this list of passwords you should never use.

Other cybersecurity advice

Besides having a strong password, there are a couple of other things you can do to increase your cybersecurity. The best way to protect you and your data from hackers and viruses is to use a combination of a VPN and an antivirus program. A VPN will protect your identity and your IP address when using the internet. An antivirus program will protect your device against viruses and many other types of malware. You can read much more on antivirus software at

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