The future of reading and writing in a world where technology is taking over the different aspects of life including day-to-day learning and some important ways that writing and reading will play a role.

Writing and reading are two essential skills an individual must strive to possess if they want to be literate. In the current generation, most people, especially students, are addicted to mobile phones and social media platforms. Unfortunately, they do not have sufficient time to enhance their writing and reading skills on paper. It is vital to note that almost everything has transitioned to digital form, unlike in the past when the only source of information was the library. Currently, no people visit the library to feel and touch physical books. Unlike in the past, in the present generation, most people prefer to spend their time updating their status, blogging, and chatting on social media instead of devoting their time to writing and reading. According to researchers, no education is restricted to a specific student. This means that technology is forming a gap between the students and the classroom. Apparently, while in the classroom, students often do not get so much exposure to technology. However, the learners can learn and share almost everything through the internet after the lecture sessions, thanks to technology. In addition, technology has made it possible for students to improve their performance using writing tools. For instance, students can use this link to access the college GPA calculator. Therefore, it is true to state that technological advancements are bridging the education gap.

The use of electronic books

It is vital to note that electronic books have joined the race in modern technology. In the ancient days, students would spend most of their time inside the library completing assignments or revising for their examinations. Certain books could only be located inside the library. However, thanks to technological progress, there are all kinds of electronic books in the present generation. Surprisingly, although these books might not be in bookstores, some people could have access to the same books in an online format. Currently, students can read any book regardless of their geographical location. The aspect of language is no longer a barrier when it comes to reading a book. This is because provided an individual has a smartphone or a laptop connected to secure internet; they can get a book in almost any language. On the same note, an individual can access a book of any genre, from adults to kids.

There is no more use for books

The use of books is starting to become outdated. There is a high likelihood that the use of books will cease to exist in the future. In the modern era, scholars write and read using the latest technology. Technological tools, such as Google Docs, play a significant role in reading and writing. On the same note, students no longer have to be bothered by their handwriting. In the past, students with bad handwriting hesitated to complete their academic papers.

Students will cease to take notes

It will reach a time when students will stop writing their notes since they will have access to the same notes in electronic format. On the same note, learners will find it less difficult to upload their learning materials on various online platforms. In the past, students would hesitate to share their handwritten notes for reasons best known to them. However, thanks to technology, in the present generation, students are having less difficulty confining information to themselves and are more willing to spread their knowledge. Thanks to technology, people have access to knowledge of how different things work around them. For instance, thanks to education, people currently understand the dangers of cutting down trees and the importance of taking good care of the environment. In essence, in the near future, everyone will access education, and it will not be limited to wealthy people.

There will be digital learning

It is vital to note that technological advancement significantly influences our abilities. In the past twenty years, there has been a significant alteration in the educational system, especially because of technological progression. Currently, most lecture halls are equipped with modern equipment, such as Wi-Fi, computers, and television screens. As mentioned above, there is a high chance that there will be a significant decrease in paper materials.

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The aspect of digital writing

You could be wondering what digital writing is. Well, it is a type of writing done in the virtual world instead of on paper. In the near future, digital writing will be in almost every sector; on laptops, e-books, and various social media platforms. For instance, you could be reading a book written by a famous author while at the same time going through the comments posted. Currently, there is a lot of information online. Unfortunately, if you are not cautious, you could land on false or biased information. This is because information must not be approved to appear on the internet.

The reading process will have many distractions

In the current generation, most students spend their time locked on mobile phones and surfing the internet. The future of reading and writing will have many different forms of distractions. A good example of distractions includes comments, pictures, pop-up screams, and commercial banners, among so many others. Therefore, individuals must be very disciplined to avoid getting distracted.

There will be a lot of meaningless reading

One of the greatest problems with digital media is the aspect of meaningless reading. Generally, a person absorbs a vast amount of visual and written information daily, making the brain fail to process a lot of information, whether important or not. The brain does not store so much information to protect itself from overworking and maximize neural activities. Future readings will augment the problems to do with anxiety and the processing of massive volumes of information.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that technological advancement is revolutionizing student life. In the current generation, most people, especially students, are addicted to mobile phones and social media platforms. Unfortunately, they do not have sufficient time to enhance their writing and reading skills on paper. It is vital to note that almost everything has transitioned to digital form.