So you're experiencing problems accessing a website? This is a pretty frequent problem that has afflicted us all at some point. Here's a list of things you can do to address your problem or, at the very least, figure out where it is.

...and a very broad problem too!

It's not only a prevalent problem, but it's also a broad one: there are many distinct aspects that must all operate together before you can use a website or do something as simple as log in. Let's start with the basics and work our way up from there.

Here's the index if you want to skip ahead:

Is your internet connection having issues?

Is there anything on the internet that might help you?

Is there a problem with your username?

Are email addresses used instead of usernames on the site?

Is the email address you're using correct?

Have you been locked out because you've made too many failed attempts


Is your password incorrect? Having trouble remembering your password?

Set a new password

Is there an issue with the website?

Is the website up and running? Have you spelled the domain name incorrectly?

There is no response from the server.

The website is currently unavailable due to maintenance.

It's just that the website isn't working.

Only a portion of the webpage appears to be loaded.

There are also other options available to you.

Cookies must be enabled.

JavaScript should be enabled.

Clear your browser's cache and cookies to see if that helps.

Start your computer again.

Addons/Extensions should be disabled.

Please upgrade your browser.

Inquire for assistance.


Firstly, is there a problem with your internet connection?

Let's start with the most obvious issue: is there something wrong with your internet connection? If you're having problems loading the website on occasion or at all, it's possible that you're having trouble logging in due to an issue with your internet connection.

If you were able to load this page and read it, your internet may be working properly... However, loading a popular and stable website, such as Google's homepage, is a smart way to evaluate your internet connection. If Google loads for you, it's a very good sign that your internet connection at least partially works. If Google doesn't even load, you're probably dealing with something more serious than being unable to log in to a website. (We're working on a guide to help troubleshoot internet issues, which we'll provide here soon!)

Does the website give you any hints about the problem?

When you can't log in to a website, the first thing you should look at is what the website says when it says you can't log in. Is there any kind of error message? Websites want you to be able to log in, so if there's a problem, you'll usually get an error message explaining why you're having problems and what you can do to fix it.

If you can't get into a website, search for any error messages next to the login form that will tell you what the problem is - does it read "Incorrect Password"? Is there a message that says "Incorrect or unknown username or email"? Whether you can't log in, look for these kinds of suggestions around the login box to determine if that's the problem.

Username problems

If the website you're trying to log in to says you're using the wrong user name, double-check the spelling; you might have misspelled it by accident. A missing or incorrect character in your username is enough to prevent you from logging in. For the website to recognize you, your username must be typed absolutely right.

Check that you're using the correct username for the website that's giving you difficulties. Some people have several social media accounts with distinct usernames; for example, you may have logged into your Instagram account with your Twitter handle by accident.

Have you recently changed your username? Some websites allow you to change your username, and attempting to log in with your old username will result in failure.

Does the site use email addresses instead of usernames?

Instead of a username, some websites and apps require you to use your email address as your personal identity. Make sure this isn't the case for you by carefully reading the website's login form; if they ask for your email address, fill it in. Some websites even allow you to log in with your phone number, so be sure you read the fine print.

Are you using the correct email address?

It's fairly typical for people to have multiple email addresses; for example, if you have a business email address and a personal email address, you won't be able to log in to a website using your work email account when you actually registered with your personal address or vice versa. So double-check that the email address you're using is correct.

Misspelling the domain name is also a typical issue - you might have typed "" instead of by accident!