It is essential to learn about the best tips for a secure Facebook login process. Meeting problems in the login process for any apps, websites, or platform is so common, Facebook is not an exception. Facebook is not just a simple communication channel, but it also an essential source of daily news, information about the brands, as well as a selling platform. Facebook is one of the worst social media signs when your Facebook Id is holding a considerable amount of your data. One way to secure your Facebook privacy is to delete your Facebook account permanently. But by this, you cannot stay in touch with the people. To keep in touch with the people there are best ways to keep secure your Facebook account and make sure that your sensitive information is not being compromised. The best tips for a secure Facebook login process are given below:  

Set Everything to Private: 

The first and the most critical step that you have to take to secure your privacy is to make sure that your Facebook content only being shown to the people you trust. For this, you have to find the relevant setting, which is in the privacy tab under settings. Here, you can easily edit who is allowed to see your post, send you a friend request, and find you through the external search engine. 

For security, it is best to set all settings to only friends. So, by this, the people that you know can only see your information. You can also make things completely private by clicking on only me. You can also choose selected friends to show things to selected friends only. The limited past posts options can also be useful if you are using Facebook for a long time and don't want new friends, employers, or colleagues to see your old posts and photos.

Secure Login: 

In the early time, it was revealed that Facebook has accidentally been storing millions of user's passwords in plain text. You can't do anything about Facebook's insecure storage habits, but you can easily protect your passwords by using the password manager. So, using the same password for all of your accounts is dangerous.

If the hacker has cracked one account and they will be able to access all your others. A password manager will create and can store unique, strong passwords for all of the accounts, including Facebook. It will keep both your Facebook and another account secure in case of a security breach.

Prevent from Accessing Your Account:

You can also prevent anyone from accessing your account without your permission is to enable two-factor authentications. This factor authentication is found under the security and login tab under settings. This two-factor authentication will ask you that you want to input an additional security code whenever you log in from an unknown location or device. You can also set up alerts to notify you whenever you log in from the unrecognized login occur.          

Curate your Friend List:

Social media is the platform or strange place for beginners, who are starting without any connections there. Where our relatives can mingle with our bosses and our neighbors from last five years ago, remember that not everything which you post will be suitable for every person on your friend list. Then it is significant that Facebook offers a way to segment your friend list into different groups. When you are posting something on Facebook, you can easily choose which group can see the post that you post.

Segmenting Friends List: 

But segmenting your list as you think is a time-consuming process that involves selecting each friend individually and adding them to your desired plan. Once it is done, then you will get complete control over your fully curated friend list.

It is also a great idea to take into account who can see your friends list itself. The friend list is a detailed database of the people that you know. To stop strangers from being able to see it, you can easily hide your friend's list from everyone but yourself, your existing friends.   

Turn Off Face Recognition:

One of the negative things about Facebook is that it stores hundreds of pictures of your face from multiple angles. 

The other sensitive data which the Facebook store, such as your birth date, family members names, and hometown, so you are putting your ID of social engineering and identity theft by placing this information. The best way to protect this information is to delete or lockdown all of this information so that no one can able to see this else you.

Another important thing is to off face recognition. In the face recognition tab under the settings, click edit and then select no when Facebook asks s you if you like to activate face recognition.           

Edit your Legacy: 

If you want to prevent any misuse of your profile or data, then you can easily choose a legacy contact. It is a Facebook friend who will manage your profile if anything happens to you. If you want that your account will be automatically deleted after you pass away. Then scroll down and click request that your account is deleted after your death.