Zoom has risen to become one of the most popular videos conferencing apps in the world as a result of the pandemic. Since all schools and universities now need their students to use Zoom to attend their online courses, this is the case. It's also because hosting a Zoom meeting is easy, and students find it even simpler to attend those meetings. They only need to click on a link, enter the password, and they're in the meeting.

It's likely that you'll have to use your Zoom account on public computers at school to launch online classes for your students. And if you fail to sign out of a device that is open to the public, your account may be used for malicious purposes. Fortunately, Zoom makes it easy to log out of all devices where you've previously used Zoom.

Follow these simple steps that you need to sign out of Zoom and sign back in

Android and iOS

• Launch the Zoom application.

• Go to the Settings menu.

• Make a tap on your name.

• Tap Sign Out, then Yes to confirm your action.

• Sign in with your UDelNet ID and password using SSO.

Windows and Mac Clients

• Launch the Zoom application.

• In the upper right corner, click your profile photograph.

• Press the Sign Out button.

• Go to Sign In and enter your details.

• Sign in with your UDelNet ID and password using SSO.

Reasons Why Zoom Will Benefit Your Small Business

Zoom partners with companies of all sizes and sectors because our platform can scale to suit any user count and budget. But seeing how much of an impact Zoom can have on small businesses is one of the most exciting aspects of our work.

The Zoom platform can help with problems that are specific to running a small company, such as conducting several processes with just a few employees and a minimal budget and prioritizing time and resources to make it all work efficiently. What is the reason for this? Since Zoom allows people to do more by offering clear video communications.

Any growing company should use communications to not only achieve its objectives but also to meet its ever-changing needs. Zoom's ease of use and flexibility, as well as its tiered pricing and usage plans, make it easier for small-business teams to control their time, increase efficiency, and scale their businesses.

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Zoom is not difficult to set up, use, and oversee

You're doing a lot of things, and providing IT support isn't one of them! Zoom offers easy ordering and deployment with no hidden costs. Any meeting can be started or joined with a single click, and Zoom allows for quick communication and participant control. To summarize, deploying and handling Zoom does not necessitate the involvement of an IT team.

Interface through work area customers, programs, meeting rooms, and cell phones

We believe in simplicity and versatility. Zoom operates through all of your operating systems, including Desktop, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, so your workers aren't bound to a single computer. Zoom Rooms, which are also hardware agnostic and easy to set up (even first-graders can do it! ), can video-enable any conference room or meeting space at a low cost. Try one of Zoom's all-in-one appliances to make deploying, managing, and scaling the room experience even easier.

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Some ways we can secure my Zoom Meetings?

Here are some scheduling solutions and in-meeting features that you can use to keep your Zoom Meetings safe and prevent unnecessary interruptions. Never share Zoom meeting links on social media or in public forums to avoid exposing your meeting information; only share directly with meeting attendees.

  1. Make Sure Your Zoom App Is Up to Date - You can check to see whether your Zoom desktop client or mobile app is up to date on a regular basis to ensure that it is running the new meeting and security features. Check your app store for updates if you're using a smartphone app.
  2. Generate Meeting ID Automatically - When scheduling a Zoom Meeting, choose to Generate Automatically to generate a specific meeting ID that will expire 30 days after the meeting.
  3. Require Meeting Password - When organizing your meetings, use this option and generate an alphanumeric password that your attendees must enter before entering. Your meeting invitation contains the password by default. To find out more about Zoom Meeting passwords, click here.
  4. Disable Join Before Host - This option enables meeting participants to join before the host. We suggest not choosing this option when arranging your Zoom meeting to give you more power over your meeting and when others will join it. To find out more about the Join before Host feature, click here.
  5. Allow Only Authenticated Users To Join - By checking this box, you can limit access to attendees who have Zoom accounts. Before they can join your meeting, participants must either be signed in to their Zoom accounts via their desktop or smartphone apps, or they will be asked to sign in. Participants can also call into your meeting by dialing the number included in the invitation and entering the Meeting ID.