Data Product Platform.

Democratize data access, elevate data trust, and
fuel data-driven innovation and decision-making.


data products

Deliver data products that are continually synced with their sources, accessible in milliseconds.

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Built for
enterprise scale

Fuel operational and analytical workloads, with a revolutionary approach to managing data.

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Data fabric, mesh, or hybrid – your choice

Deploy in a federated, centralized, 
or multi-domain architecture – 
or any combination thereof.

Create, manage, and deliver
data products, at scale

Our Data Product Platform continually syncs, transforms, and serves data via data products – delivering a real-time, holistic view of any business entity – customer, order, device, claim, etc. – to any data consumer.

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K2View enables enterprises to liberate and elevate their data, to become the most disruptive and agile companies in their markets. We do this by enabling data teams to productize enterprise data, making it instantly accessible across the organization.

A revolutionary approach to data management:

A Micro-Database for
every data product instance

K2View data products integrate business entity datasets from underlying source systems into secure, high-performance Micro-Databases™. The platform manages one Micro-Database for each individual business entity.

The Micro-Databases are continually synced with fresh data, and are instantly accessible to authorized data consumers.

K2View Data Product Platform scales to manage billions of Micro-Databases concurrently, fueling the workloads of the world's largest companies.

It can be implemented in weeks, scales linearly, and adapts to change on the fly – with zero downtime.

It can be deployed in the cloud (as an integration platform as a service – “iPaaS”), on premises, or across hybrid environments.

Learn from the best

Teresa Tung

Cloud First Chief Technologist, Accenture

Watch Accenture Cloud First Chief Technologist, Teresa Tung, holder of 220 patents, explain the concept of operational data products in a data mesh.

Architecture versatility

K2View future-proofs your data architecture.
Our Data Product Platform can be deployed in your architecture of choice:
federated data mesh, centralized data fabric, or multi-domain data hub.


Data Mesh

Federated data management design, empowering business domains to create, use, govern, and share data products - autonomously

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Data Fabric

Modular, centralized data architecture, delivering an integrated layer of connected data for the enterprise

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Data Hub

Data exchange between data producers and consumers, through a central hub that orchestrates and governs data flows and use

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Modular and comprehensive

The Data Product Platform is modular by design, and comprehensive in functionality.
It integrates with, and leverages, your existing data technology stack. 

data fabric connectivity
Data Integration
Ingest and unify data from multiple sources, then pipeline it to target systems, always ensuring data integrity.
data virtualization
Data Virtualization
Provide a logical abstraction layer to underlying systems, to make it easy to access trusted data.
Data Preparation
Data Preparation
Make data lakes and data warehouses instantly and always ready for analytics.
Data Orchestration
Control data movement and data transformation, from source to target systems, code-free.
Data catalog for metadata management
Data Catalog
Discover and visualize metadata structure and lineage, from source to consuming web services.
data governance in the data fabric
Data Governance
Control data synchronization, access, integrity, and security – using configurable rules and processes.
Data fabric data masking
Data Masking
Protect data at rest, in use, and in transit – across production, testing, and analytics environments.
Microservice automation in a data fabric
Data Service Automation
Generate, debug, and deploy web services, in minutes, with an easy-to-use, no-code/low-code framework.

K2View technical deep-dive

Download this whitepaper to learn about a radically different approach to enterprise data integration and management – using data products.

The K2View Data Product Platform is used by some of the most data-intensive enterprises in the world, including AT&T, Verizon, Global Payments, Farm Credit, IQVIA, Vodafone, DIRECTV, and more

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Ready to see the
K2View platform in action?